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We know how to show ourselves

If you come to my town in the days from May to September you can become a part of the National Slaveykovi’s celebrations, held annually during the first week of June. In July you can witness what nowardays Tryavna masters of woodcarving do on an exhibiton of their pieces held in the yard of Daskalov’s house.

You could dance your soul out together with the participants of the International Folklore Festival.. Beauty, exotic, diversity of Asia, Africa and America fascinate our town at the end of June.

If visiting in August, you can’t help but join the traditional dance swinging on a meadow at Bozhkovski. Ease your soul and sing a sweet Bulgarian folk song. Remarkable folk festival, which boasts not only Tryavna, but many guests as well.

We know how to celebrate also!

Hollidays are such a great thing. They keep the flame of traditions and the Bulgarian spirit alive. And so we love and respect them here. There is a lot traditional to witness, staring from the Christmas bread, and goind along with the New Year‘s tradition of tapping one's back with a decorated cornel twig for good health. And there goes another Bulgarian custom. Оn the first of March we welcome Grandma Marta (after the name of the month) by tieing а tangled white and red thread on the wrist for health and prosperity.

Come and visit us to get to know more of all the impressive customs and celebrations we have.