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And beauty was made…

Tryavna’s old school. The one that has its origins in the seventeenth century. The same which makes the stone glow, the tree come to life and the icons - our true intercessors before God. The people of Tryavna must carry imagination and humility, faith and patience within their souls for being true representatices of this old school.


The “marangozi” (an old Bulgarian word for carvers) with their golden hands carve beautiful distaffs for their loved ones hare, canes for the old parents of theirs and adorn the flute to make it play more gently and collect their flocks. The three flies like a bird here, blossoms like a flower and the dragons guard the mysterious place in the temple.

Icon painting

Icons shine, shine because of the gold used by the paiters making them. Can you see the gentle image of the Holy Mother of God with her child emerging beneath the fingers of the masters? The painters draw and their soul is begging for mercy and blessing for the icons to become guardians of their homes and their children.

Here are the old "kapaklii" icons, tucked in the innermost corner of the Bulgarian home. Can you see the holy icon lamp shining, and kneeling, the Bulgarian woman summoning the grace of God. And the other - "royal icons", you must see them with your own eyes to understand why they are called so.


Tryavna. A small piece of Bulgarian land, preserving the power and charm of the Bulgarian spirit and culture.

The old Tryavna two-storey houses proudly standing on both sides of the cobblestone street, nestled in the quiet of the mountain.

Everything here in my town is alive - full of mind and soul. Alive is the stone, the tree, alive is the relationship of man to God.

Workmanship and longings

You can put “carvuli” here, traditional Bulgarian shoes just sawn before your eyes. Or a leather belt cross the slender waist of the woman of your heart. Buy a copper pot for your sweetended coffee.

You yourself will have the chance to make a jewelry or decoration for your home, once you come to my town. Make a painting on the glass and ceramics and take the precious memories in your heart. Come, and you may also put on a local traditional costume.