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For the kids

Our children here are like a flower meadow that blooms in all seasons. Just as some grow, other little ones show up - riding bicycles, playing checkers, jumping like crazy on inflatable castles, swinging with all their strength on the swings, or just fishing with rolled-up pants. There are attractions for the kids here. Playgrounds in both parks, among well-maintained lawns, are real magnets for kids. A family ride with a ricksha is also possible. A wide meadow at Bozhkovski offers kites flying or playing badminton, enough space for everyone.

You can go to the mountain, to collect cones, herbs, or simply let your children get dirty and run at will. на воля.

One of the best things in Tryavna is the clean air. Therefore, our town is a well known destination for children with lung problems further treatment. The team of the doctors meets the grateful eyes of parents eversince the building of the children's Sanatorium in 1938, by the will of Queen Yoanna.

Because children must have a childhood!